About Leap Innovations

Leap Innovations is a product development company in Lindon and Lehi, Utah. We are a group of engineering, manufacturing, and sales specialists with a unique ability to create, design, product-test, market-test, secure intellectual property, and ultimately introduce products into a variety of markets. We are constantly pushing boundaries to bring the most innovative, ground-breaking products to those who share our LOVE of living this amazing life. Every detail of the design, precision engineering, and production (materials, fabricating, machining, packaging, etc.) of our products are intensely scrutinized and constantly being improved. We develop products of categories we are passionate about, and each product shares these 3 common denominators:
  1. They embellish an entertaining, healthy, and safe LIFESTYLE
  2. They are NEW concepts (unique and needed)
  3. They are best in-class, well-designed, good-looking, and top-of-the-line CRAFTMANSHIP

Our Brands

Dominator Basketball Hoop was first introduced to the high-end basketball hoop industry in 2002 when the inventor, Kevin McAllister, first tried to buy and install a competitor basketball system. After determining how challenging the installation was and the lack of rigidity of the system, we began development knowing that there had to be a better way. This is what we found: Steel hoops had been the industry standard for decades. They ALL would chip and fade due to the inevitable rusting of powder coated steel. They were way too heavy and impossible to install and eventually would freeze up and bind due to the poorly built adjustment mechanisms. Today, the Dominator Basketball Hoop is built from aircraft grade aluminum, which eliminates rusting. The telescoping adjustment mechanism enhanced the ease of adjustment and significantly improved installation. It is widely considered the best looking, best performing high-end basketball hoop in the industry.


WEIGH SAFE has been changing the towing game since the release of the Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount in 2014. Named “Best New Product of Tools and Equipment” at the SEMA show in 2014, Weigh Safe trailer hitches are the only hitches on the planet with a built-in scale to measure tongue weight to improve towing performance. Why is tongue weight important? Proper tongue weight improves vehicle tow load balance and performance, which provides a towing peace-of-mind on the road. Weigh Safe is a fast growing, family-owned and operated company located in Lindon, Utah that is committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment and tools for your family’s enjoyment and benefit.


Landecor was first founded in June 1997 by Bryce and Verl Doman (father and son). They received their first order from The Home Depot in February 1998 for 2 stores in Mesa, Arizona. Today, Landecor supplies The Home Depot and other retailers all throughout the United States. Landecor has developed a proprietary cement wet cast process which results in high quality, multi-colored, natural looking landscape products.